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The Kargopol sector is a great watershed of two oceans, a unique system of five lakes, interconnected by narrow channels and man-made canals. These are ancient hunting and monastery trails, this is the smooth glacial lake of Lekshmozero and the mysterious Maselga. There is the Festival of Traditional Knowledge and the ancient Ivanov Day, it is a children’s ecological camp and the beginning of the road to the hard-to-reach center of the universe — the Porzhensky churchyard.

The Plesetsk sector is about unforgettable boat journeys along Lake Kenozero passing by big and small islands, ancient villages. It is also about priceless Kenozero chapels, as if scattered along the banks of the Kenozero or hidden in the thickets of the surrounding forests, and the famous Kenozero «heavens». It is a stunning imagination, the majestic temple complex of Pochozersky churchyard. It is a wide Uspenskaya Fair (feast of Dormition of the Mother of God), revived through the centuries, and the first in Russia museum of epic heritage.

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  1. Before the trip, please read the rules of visiting the Park.

  2. Pre-purchase a Megafon sim card. This is the only mobile operator that works in the Park.

  3. You can make payments by a bank card through the terminal in offices and visitor-centres of the Park and in some local shops, however, take care of having enough cash — there are no ATMs in the villages.

  4. If you plan a late check-in at the hotel, please inform receptionists in advance by calling 8-921-477-90-75 (Kargopol sector), 8-921-477-90-03 (Plesetsk sector), as guest houses and hotels of the Park don't have 24-hour reception.

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