School forestry

One of the most effective forms of nature protection promotion is the activities of school foresteries.

There are 3 school foresteries on the territory of the Park:
1. Lekshmozerskoe school forestry, organized in 1995;
2. Kenozero Forest School in the village Vershinino, organized in 1997;
3. Voloshevo school forestry in the village of Pocha, organized in 1996 (it includes the existing school forestry, which united students of the village of Ust-Pocha). 

Traditionally, members of school forestries participate in programs on art crafts, go on hikes, take part in the International Environmental Action «March of Parks». The school forestry of the Park were created in 1995 - 1996 and showed their effectiveness to become one of the full legitimate structural units of the Kenozero National Park.