Trails and routes

It is very difficult to get a full impression of visiting the Kenozero National Park without having taken a walk along the ecological trails that stretched a large network through its territory. Over the last 20 years, Park scientists, artists, designers, state inspectors and carpenters have been working on the development of projects, infrastructure development and information support for ecotrails and tourist routes. 

The northern part of the Park is quite different from the southern one, and this is reflected in the specifics of the eco trails. The shores of lake Kenozero, inhabited in ancient times, are full of monuments of material and spiritual culture — churches and chapels, «holy» groves and memorial crosses, villages with a traditional Russian layout and ancient customs. 

The central and southern parts of the Park are interesting, first of all, because of the «natural» component. There are fragments of indigenous forests and pristine swamps, lakes with their amazing biological diversity are of unconditional interest to people interested in the flora and fauna of the North of European Russia. The riddles of the watershed of the two oceans — the Arctic and the Atlantic, the border of the Baltic Shield, the chalky canyon of the Porzhenka river — attract many geologists.