• After the restoration the unique heavens with the signature of the icon painter Fyodor Iok returned to the St. Nicholas chapel in Ust-Pocha, Plesetsk sector of the Park.
  • The new EC / IBPP project Disappearing Masterpieces, supported by the European Union and aimed at preserving unique monuments of wooden architecture, has unted Kenozero and Vodlozero national parks, the Foundation for Supporting Monuments of Wooden Architecture, NPO Mahaon International (Slovakia), Wallachian Open Air Museum (Czech Republic), Social Information Agency (Moscow), as well as a number of Russian open-air museums and the distant northern villages of Kimzha and Oshevensk.
  • The expedition took place - Reconstruction Of The Medieval Path, Kensky Volok, and the water vessel, Berestyanoy Kayuk. The purpose of the expedition was a reconstruction of the Kumbasozero direction of the Kensky Volok and field testing of a birch bark boat made by a local craftsman.
  • The emergency operations at one of the most unique monuments of Russian wooden architecture - the Church of St. George the Victorious of the 18th century Porzhensky churchyard were completed.
  • Kenozero National Park was awarded the regional public award North Property in the category Enterprise Of Non-Production Sphere.