• In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory, a memorial stone with a granite slab was erected on the hill of Glory in the Vershinino in memory of all Kenozero soldiers  who  died  on  the  fronts of  World  War II.
  • In the Kargopol sector of the Park, the first  territorial public self-government.
  • Sparks of Hope was organized.
  • Specialists from the Pomorye Carpentry School continued the restoration of the Winter Church of the Beheading of the Head of John the Baptist of the Pochezero temple complex, a water mill in Zekhnovo, the Levusozero Dam and a water mill in the Kargopol sector of the Park with the financial support of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Environment of Norway (RIKSANTIKVAREN).
  • The restoration of the facets of the heavens and icons from the chapel of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa in Tyryshkino village; 16 facets of heavens from the altar of the Church of the Origin of the Honest Trees of Christ in Filippovskaya and temple icons from the chapels of Zekhnovo and Ust-Pocha villages.
  • New museum exposition was opened, Ruhlyadny Barn. An Open Display of Funds.
  • Young volunteers from Great Britain, the Netherlands, the USA, Japan, and Germany worked on the arrangement of two ecological routes, Anthill Trail and Hunting Zaimka.
  • New employees in the Park - three horses of the Mezen breed Patsan, Zaryad and Canada, acquired at the regional exhibition Animal Husbandry of Pomorye.