• At a meeting of the Russian-Norwegian Mixed Commission for Environmental Protection a decision was made on the main areas of cooperation, including Kenozero National Park as a model territory for the protection of natural and cultural monuments.
  • At the symposium of the International Committee on Wood ICOMOS under the auspices of UNESCO, it was announced that it would be expedient to include the Kenozero National Park in the UNESCO World Heritage List in the nomination “Cultural landscape”.
  • The Porzhensky and Zekhnovo-Ryapusovsky cultural and landscape complexes are identified as model for work in the framework of the project Development Of A Traditional Cultural Landscape In The Barents Euro-Arctic Region With The Kenozero National Park As An Example.
  • Implementation of the Russian-Norwegian project Computer Modeling Of Cultural Landscapes of Kenozero National Park has begun.
  • For the first time in Russia Russian and Norwegian carpenters-restorers performed a unique operation to lift a 200-ton tent-church of the Pochezero temple complex using lifting to replace the domes in the body of the monument, without resorting and reassembling it out.
  • Bells were raised and consecrated to the belfry of the church of Peter and Paul in Morshikhinskay village.
  • The first issue of the Kenozerye newspaper was released.