Church of the Purification of Virgin Mary, 1883-1888

In 1803 the peasant Klim Kuznetsov and his neighbors set up a chapel in the name of the the Purification of Virgin Mary in order to heal the disabled son without the permission of the Spiritual Consistory. The chapel, located ten miles from the parish church, was worshiped by the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. It was a center for local chapel holidays. Here, the elderly and young parishioners, who could not get to the main church due to impassability of the area, gathered for a common prayer.
In the years of 1880-1888 the peasants built a wooden church with the same dedication instead of earlier chapel that felt in dispair.
In 1938 by decision of the Arkhangelsk Oblast Executive Committee Sretenskaya Church was closed and rebuilt as a school.
In 2014 as part of the Russian-Norwegian project Wooden Architecture In The Cultural Landscape of Kenozerye. Monitoring and Naintenance, emergency and conservation works were carried out with the support of the Norwegian Directorate for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of RIKSANTIKVAREN.
The work on the monument was carried out by a team of local craftsmen from Ust-Pocha under the leadership of Vladimir Nikolaevich Ershov.

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