Church of St. George the Victorious, 1895

The villages of Kazarinovskaya and Ivshinskaya, which formed Trufanovo village before, were large settlements. At the end of the 19th century about 500 people lived there. It was an important religious center of the area: presumably until the middle of the 17th century there existed the Kazarinovsky male monastery; nearby there was the Kirillo-Chelmogorsky monastery founded in the 14th century. The chapel of St. George the Victorious with a bell tower was built in the village.
In 1895 a church of the same name was erected on the site of a burnt chapel with the zeal of parishioners. It was assigned to the church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Morshchikhinskaya. The Church of St. George the Victorious (locally - Egor), located on a spacious place in the middle of the village, was the community center of the settlement.
The church was closed in the 1930s, rebuilt and used as a club, later it was used as a granary. Now a cross is erected on the roof of the church, but the dome has not been restored. Only the lower part remained from the bell tower.
In 2014 emergency conservation works were completed at the Church of St. George the Victorious as part of the Russian-Norwegian project Wooden Architecture in the Cultural Landscape of Kenozerye. Monitoring and Maintenance with the support of the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage Protection, RIKSANTIKVAREN.
The work on the monument was carried out by a team of builders from Ust-Pocha village, Plesetsk sector of the Park, under the leadership of Vladimir Nikolaevich Ershov.

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