Church in the name of Rev. Alexander Svirsky the Miracle Worker on Khizhgora, 1871

Khizhgora is a high, forested mountain on the northern shore of Lake Maselga, between the villages of Guzhevo and Maselga. The mountain overlooks the entire district with endless forests and lakes. In 1824 the Old Believer chapel at the direction of the spiritual authorities was destroyed - “a cross, chopped off in the manner of a chapel”. A little later, the chapel on Hizhgora was rebuilt.
It is not known why the church, built in the name of the Mother of God of Ivers, was consecrated on March 24, 1871 in honor of the Monk Alexander Svirsky.
The church was assigned to the Lekshmozero parish, and only in the first revolutionary years an independent parish arised there. In the thirties of the 20th century, the temple was closed. In 1987-2006, restoration work was carried out under the guidance of architect D. A. Sokolov.
In 2016 specialists of the construction and restoration company Modul-R, based on a project of the roof of performed emergency reconstruction operations.

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