Chapel in the name of St. Andrew the First-Called and the Prophet Elijah, 1890

The chapel dedicated to two saints: the holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called and the Prophet Elijah, is not mentioned in the list of chapels of the Kenozersky parish in 1883, but is already present in church documents for 1890.
A small log construction with a narrow open porch is built in a-cuptechnique and covered by a common gable roof. In the center of the roof above the ridge on a low neck there is a dome with a cross, seatheredwith ploughshare. The entrance hall above the porch is supported by four racks with carved kuvshinchiki. The fencing of the porch is made of boards. The windows of facades shifted to the eastern wall are framed by platbands with moldings and window sills, decorated with wave-shaped carvings.
The walls inside the chapel are carved in a round-corner way, the ceilings is flat. The interior decoration has not been preserved.
In 1989 the student group of the Arkhangelsk State Pedagogical Institute led by architects of the Institute Special Project Restoration carried out repair and restoration work. Before the restoration, the chapel lacked a porch, that taken apart in the first half of the 20th century, and the roof was simply covered with boards nailed down. The porch and roof were finally recreated according to similar designs of Kenozero chapels.
The chapel acquired its existing appearance after the restoration of 2008, when the roof and the dome of the monument were made out of new materials.

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