Carpentry courses

Carpentry craft was always appreciated in the countryside. A person living in forested land could not help but be a carpenter. In Kenozero, and to this day, the traditions of craftsmanship are alive, and secrets of wooden house-building are passed from generation to generation.

To retain and to transfer skills to the younger generation is what can help preserve carpentry traditions today. The park, engaged in educational activities in the field of traditional crafts, pays special attention to working with young people, namely, training in the basics of carpentry for senior pupils of nearby schools in the Plesetsk District. On carpentry courses, children learn about the structure and features of the northern house, the traditional ways of cutting trees, the practice of construction using hand tools. Carpenters of the Park conduct master classes for students, and young carpenters apply their knowledge, skills to create products that have a practical purpose. Students create small architectural forms and equipment for children's playgrounds. 

After the work students visit the specialized museum of the Park – «The Workshop of the Woodworker», where they get acquainted with old carpentry tools, decor elements of houses and temples, and types of felling. Participants of the courses observe the process of restoration of monuments of wooden architecture on the example of the restoration of a unique temple complex in the village of Filippovskaya. 

Carpentry courses, organized together with the Education Department of the Plesetsk District Defense Ministry, have become a good tradition, they are of great interest to teenagers and bring practical benefits to the territor.