Where to stay

Hotel at the Information Centre «Handicraft Hut»

Hotel at the Visitor-center of the Park

The hotel and exhibition complex «Fisherman's hut»

Hotel at the Park Office

Tourist House «Shepherd's House» in Maselga

Tourist shelter «Izba of Shekalov» at Naglimozero

Tourist shelter «Izba of Sedoy» on Naglimozere

Tourist shelter «Miller's House» on Levusozero

Tourist shelter «At Ryapushka»

Tourist shelter «At Yersh»

Guest house «Like at Grandma»

Base of the Ecological Camp of Kenozero

Tourist base «Hunter's Cabin»

What is important to know

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+7 818-2-20-65-72

  1. Before the trip, please read the rules of visiting the Park.

  2. Pre-purchase a sim card of Megafon — as this is the only operator that works in the Park.

  3. In offices and Visitor-centres of the Park, payment can be made by a bank card through the terminal, but still take care of having enough cash — as there are no ATMs in the villages.

  4. If you plan a night check-in at the hotel, please inform the administrators in advance by calling 8-921-477-90-75 (Kargopolsky sector), 8-921-477-90-03 (Plesetsk sector), as in guest houses and hotels of the park don't have 24-hours reception.

helpful information

Tourist cabin «Lodge №1»

The hotel and exhibition complex «Old Inn» («Postoyaly Dvor» in Russian)

Tourist site N1