Tourist House «Shepherd's House» in Maselga

In the very centre of the ancient village of Maselga there is a small tour-house «Shepherd’s House». The house is suitable for those who prefer a hiking holiday style. There are 2 rooms in it — for 2 and 4 persons. You can prepare food in the kitchen, there is a stove, or you can use a campfire, equipped next to the house. Within walking distance there is the Architectural Park «Kenozero Spillkins», the ecotrails «The System of Five Lakes» and «The Path of Meditation» originate here. When you book a tour of the «Path of meditations», you can visit the «Tea House», taste village pies with «tak» and taste Lekshmozero herbal teas. If you plan to arrive by car, then take note that Maselga is only 7 km from the village of Morshihinskaya — the administrative centre of the Park, which means that the delivery of food will not be a problem. Also you can, having previously registered in the Visit Centre, take part in different masterclasses, excursions, ethnographic programs.





Maselga village


Parking at the checkpoint


Outhouse, there is no electricity, no running water


Single — 350

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