The village spreaded out like a pattern...

The Plesetsk sector

By foot

4 km — 2 hours

All year round


This is a sightseeing tour of Vershinino village — the administrative center of the Plesetsk sector of the Park, during which you will get acquainted with the history of the development of the Kenozero Lake District, the history of settlements on Kenozero lake, and with the natural and cultural features of this picturesque place of the national park. The village is comfortably located on the peninsula along the shore of lake Kenozero. You will see the preserved old peasant houses, in which people still live, and you will get acquainted with the collection of ancient things in the museum exhibition «The Rumbling Barn. An open display of funds. » Your path will pass fr om the Kenozero churchyard, where there is a stone Assumption Church of the XIX century, to Nikolskaya chapel of the XVIII century, with the painted «heavens» preserved in it. The Nikolskaya chapel is a symbol of the Kenozero National Park. Fr om the top of the «sacred» hill you will have a delightful view of Kenozero, an ancient «holy» grove in the village of Shishkino. At the end of the tour you will visit the Park Visitor Centre, wh ere you will get acquainted with its exhibitions, and wh ere you will be able to buy items of Kenozero masters at the souvenir shop.