• The icon Holy Gates. The Last Supper fr om the chapel of St. Anthony of Sioux on Pomor Island has been restored.
  • During the restoration of a unique architectural monument of federal significance Porzhensky churchyard under one of the ruffles of a wooden fence, a mortgage coin dating back to 1800 was found. The find confirms that the fence of the churchyard was erected at the beginning of the 19th century.
  • Repair and restoration work has been completed on the chapel of the Unmercenary Kosma and Damian in Chyolma village.
  • Emergency and conservation work at the cultural heritage site, the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called of the beginning of the 20th century in Vedyagina was completed. This was made possible thanks to the implementation of the Russian-Norwegian project Wooden Architecture In The Cultural Landscape Of Kenozero. Monitoring and Maintenance, with the support of the Directorate for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Norway, RIKSANTIKVAREN.
  • Final restoration of the complex of Porzhensky churchyard of the 18th century is completed. Elena Shatkovskaya: “Finally, IT happened! Perhaps today it is one of the few examples of restoration of wooden monuments in Russia, wh ere the 4-year process still ended with the result”.