• An exhibition Provincial Post Office on the history of domestic mail of the 18th - 19th centuries has opened in the Visiting Center of the Park.
  • The Kenozero Spillkins architectural park was decorated with a small copy of the chapel-cross of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Tyryshkino village. The uniqueness of the chapel is in its size - it is the smallest of the chapels not only in Kenozero, but also in Russia.
  • Kenozero National Park and the Arkhangelsk Branch of WWF, in the framework of the All-Russian Year of the Arctic 2012, jointly organized activities aimed at the conservation of rare Arctic species of birds - whooper swan and small swan.
  • The construction and arrangement of the ecological trail Ancestral Trail was completed.
  •  Volunteers from Russia, France, Belgium, Serbia, Poland and China took part in three international volunteer camps:  The Inaccessible Center of the Universe, Ancestral Trail, Chapel Paradise.
  • At the awards ceremony for the winners of the Heritage Keepers 2012 Prize, Elena Shatkovskaya, director of the Kenozersky National Park, became the Heritage Keeper in the Historical Memory nomination.