• During the expedition to collect information about traditional fabrics and clothing, samples of fabric and traditional clothing were gathered, they were made by local craftswomen in the late 19th - early 20th centuries using the techniques of exquisite weaving, chain-stitch embroidery.
  • 3 icons were discovered that were written by the northern icon painter Fyodor Zakharov Iok. Icons are dedicated to the Mother of God, Elijah the Prophet, Macarius Zheltovodsky and Unzhensky.
  • The exposition Alphabet Of Woodworking is dedicated to the Kenozero carpentry craft and includes carpentry art, tools and equipment used in construction and artistic wood processing in the 19th – 20th centuries.
  • Icons of the 19th century from the Church of St. George the Victorious from Fedorovskaya village “Holy Rev. Father Macarius Unzhensky the Wonderworker”, “Blessed Virgin Mary”, “Prophet Elisha, Elijah” were restored; parts of the roofing of a house from 1913th in Averkievskaya were painted.
  • New objects of the open-air museum Kenozero Spillkins Architectural Park in Maselga were created: the Ilyinsky chapel in Mamonova, the chapel of Alexander Nevsky in Bor, farm buildings - a threshing floor and a barn. for drying crops.
  • Kenozero National Park became a laureate in the nomination Best National Park at the V All-Russian Conference Ecology and Production. Prospects For the Development of Economic Mechanisms for Environmental Protection (St. Petersburg). Park Director Elena Shatkovskaya was honored with the Ecologist of the Year badge.