Chapel of the Ascension

No information was found in the archival documents about the chapel dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord; therefore, nothing definite can be said either about the time of its construction or about its initial location. According to local residents, the chapel used to be in the center of the present Khvalinskaya village. It is known that in the 1930s the chapel was closed. The building was moved to the Pudozh route and installed on the edge of the pasture with no respect to the cardinal points. The former chapel became a creamery. 

The building rectangular in plan was made in a-cup technique where logs had cup shaped carvings - log junctions. It has a carcas narthex at a common basement level. The narthex is sheathed with boards from the outside and also inside. Logs preserved the casing fragmentarily. The chapel is covered with a common gable roof. Inside it is illuminated by two large windows, in the vestibule there is one window on the southern side. The openings are closed by wooden boards. The inner door is a carpentry work from boards, the outer one is a panel framed door. A wooden cross is nailed above the entrance in the pediment. The height of the construction is 4.4 m to the roof ridge. The dome with the cross, the original roof, the basement and the porch have disappeared.
In 2013 restoration work was carried out at the chapel - the replacement of the roofing with a waterproof insulation material.

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