Chapel of Venerable Diodor

On the southeastern edge of the cape near the water a small chapel with a gable roof hides in a thicket of trees and shrubs. It is dedicated to the saint of Kargopol, the founder of the Trinity Yuregorsky Monastery, the monk Diodor.
The chapel was built no later than the end of the 18th century. By the beginning of the forties in the 19th century it was attributed to the Kenozero parish.
It is  a typical for Kenozerolog chapel with a covered western porch on the platform. It isbiuld in a-cup technique from logs with a diameter of 20 to 25 cm. Logsare sawn to fit the sheathing at the corners of the building. The facades are sheathed with horizontal boards. The four logs are hidden by a plating with casting boards. There is a porch on the west side covered with a gable roof. The porch  skilling rests on racks. The chapel is covered by a gable roof made in samtsy-i-slegi way. The roof is crowned by a dome on a low and thin neck. The cross and a significant part of the dome are lost.
The ceiling consists of  sixsteen heavens.
Over the many years of its existence, the chapel has gone through several alterations and repairs.
A vivid and memorable feature of the Diodor Chapel is the festive polychrome color of the light high interior of the prayer room and facades. The painting of the entrance and internal doors of the chapel is particularly noteworthy, it is similar in character to the paintings of Kargopol.

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