Chapel of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, 1804

In 1804 the peasants of Tametskaya Lahti built a new chapel of the Nativity of the Virgin without the permission of the spiritual authorities. They placed it half a kilometer from the village in a sacred grove, near the road connecting the neighboring villages.
The chapel is a rectangular in plan with a low basement, covered by a gable roof. The longitudinal-axial composition of the building includes a square prayer room, a narthex with a bell tower at the top and a porch. The western facade of the chapel is built according to the best traditions of wooden architecture of the North. The facades are decorated with polychrome coloring of blue, green and white colors and false “crackers” on frontals.
The prayer room has heavens with plot murals. The walls inside are hewn in round corner technique and painted white. The eastern wall is hidden by iconostasis.
The ceiling structure is made with painted facetsplaces at an angle to the central circle. The composition of the heavens consisting of 15 radial facets includes images of four archangels, evangelists and Crucifixion With the Ipcoming Saints(on five facets).
Restoration work has not been carried out. In 2014 volunteers of the Chapel Paradise project carried out emergency operations there.

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