Chapel of the Holy Prophet Elijah, 1801-1804

The chapel was built by the farmers of Svinoye between 1801 and 1804 by promise -without the permission of the clerical and secular authorities.
Surrounded by tall trees the building is located on the outskirts of the now empty village, just next to a stream.
The longitudinal composition of the chapel, a typical for Kenozero, consists of a log construction made in a-cup technique and an open western porch, all covered with a gable roof. The entrance door to the porch is traditionally supported by carved racks. The fence between them to half the height is covered up with wide boards. An octagonal tent belfry crowned with a small cupola with a high cross rises above the porch. A small dome is barely visible over the ridge of the roof behind the belfry. It is crowned with a cross and covered with a ploughshare. The belfry probably appeared no earlier than the seventies of the 19th century. Traces of brown paint were preserved on the racks and paneling of the belfry.
In 1983 the Atheist student construction team carried out conservation work on the roof, on portico, and aalso levelled the log construction.

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