Chapel in the name of the holy martyrs Kirik and Iulitta, 1861

A roadside chapel in the name of the holy martyrs Kirik and Iulitta is located half a kilometer from the temple complex in the village of Filippovskaya, on a forest road, a little farther surrounded by the fence of the cemetery of the Pochezero parish. No information was found onabout the time of construction of the chapel. It is not mentioned among parish chapels. However, one of the reports of the local dean priest stated that on July 15 parishioners of the Pochezero parish carried out a procession to the chapel of Kirik and Iulitta half a mile from the churchyard. This information dates back to 1851. We can safely say that by the middle of the 19th century the chapel already existed.
The chapel was build in a-cup technique from logs 20–25 cm thick. The construction is covered by a gable roof. The removal of the roof over the entrance to the chapel is wider than on the rear facade. The roof at the junction has a pien. A dome with a cross on a cone-shaped neck is installed on top of the ridge. The dome is sheathered with ploughshare.
Inside the chapel, the walls are carved in round-corner way. Around the monument thereis a fence made of boards.
For many years, an ancient carving cross was leaned against the eastern facade of the building. Currently, the cross is on display at the Ruhlyadny Barn of Kenozero National Park.
The chapel was surveyed in 1986 by specialists from the Institute for Special Project Restoration. In the same year, conservation work was carried out by the student group of the Arkhangelsk Pedagogical Institute.

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