Chapel in the name of the Great Martyr Dmitry Solunsky, 1890

The chapel in the name of the great martyr Dmitry Solunsky was built on the outskirts of the village by a rural road. It appears in church documents only since 1890.
The building is a loged carcas with an open porch. The main room and the porch have a common gable roof. The sawn ends of the logs and the remains of the cladding on the chapel's hut suggest that the walls of the building were sheathed shortly before 1890. Perhaps this happened during the overhaul, after which the renovated chapel was attributed to the parish of Assumption Church in Vershinino.
Natural research and measurement of the monument, carried out by LLC Kenozero under the guidance of architect V.E. Yandovsky in 1991, showed that the chapel underwent several repairs. In 1992 restoration work was completed through a reassembly. The roof was arranged in a special way. The dome and the cross have been replaced by the model of destroyed originals. Following the old tracks on the logs and taking into account the similar designs of other chapels, the racks and the fencing of the open porch, as well as the ladder leading to the porch were recreated. The piers on the pediment of the western facade were decorated with a pattern of carved holes.

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