ECO-Center «Open Laboratory»

In the ECO Center «Open Laboratory», which located in the Visitor Center of the Park in Arkhangelsk, a permanent exhibition «Natural and historical and cultural heritage of Kenozero» is opened all year round.

The exposition has a complex thematic structure, and here rich natural and cultural heritage are fully reflected. ECOcentre has various environmental and educational programs of the historical and cultural heritage of the park. Visitors will be able to see Kenozero «curiosities», which are illustrating various themes of the exposition, not only in the photographs, but also through special small windows-displays. 

Many exhibits, which are presented to the attention of guests of the Visitor Center of the Park, create story lines: a birch-bark boat makes its way through the lake full of sedge and horsetail; an owl is sitting on a branch of a fir-tree — a wooden bird figurine; a painted basket is hidden among marsh hillocks, which are covered with northern berries; school notebooks, fountain pen and feather-brushes are layed down next to the old school board. The exposition can be of interest not only for adults, but also for children.