Helpful Tips

If you are going on a trip to Kenozero National Park, take into account a number of useful tips to reduce the probability of unexpected situations.

1. Only North-West MegaFon and Yota mobile operators cover the territory of the Park. You can buy sim cards and recharge the balance in Kargopol or in Plesetsk, as well as in some shops in Vershinino and Morshchikhinskaya villages.
2. In the villages of Morshchikhinskaya and Vershinino there are post offices, fr om where it is possible to make long-distance calls, send letters or parcels.

1. In the villages of Morshchikhinskaya, Vershinino, Ust-Pocha and in the village of Pocha there are primary healthcare stations wh ere you can recieve first aid. They do not work every day, therefore, when traveling through the territory of the Park, it is better to have a stock of medicaments with you. Do not forget to take the medication that you take all the time!
2. Visiting the park in the summer, be sure to stock up with repellent in sufficient quantities (ointments, creams, sprays, etc), as well as insect bite relief and antiseptics.
3. Pay special attention to the fact that during the period from May to July the ticks are in an active stage, so there is a risk of a bite from these insects. The most reliable means of protection against tick-borne infections is vaccination. You can get vaccinated in your local clinic. In this case, the immunity will be formed one month after the start of vaccination. Those who have not been vaccinated are advised to take antiviral drugs before going to the «risk zone». You can learn the names of the medicines and contraindications at the pharmacy. When going into the forest, you need to dress so as to minimize the risk of bites. This should be a shirt or jacket with a long sleeve tightly fitting to the wrists, and trousers tucked into high boots, knee socks or socks with a dense rubber band so that the mite does not crawl under the clothes. A hood or other headdress is desirable on the head. For example, a shawl, the ends of which can be threaded under the collar. It is better that clothes are light and plain, since the ticks are more visible on them. Every half hour, it is necessary to carry out self-and mutual examinations, because ticks can stay on your skin for a quite a long time, from 30 minutes to an 1 hour, choosing a place to bite. Special anti-tick sprays should be used for the treatment of clothing . If you find a tick attached to your skin, you need to go to the nearest clinic immediately, because in 3 — 4 days the dose of the virus might become too high and the effectiveness of care will drop dramatically.

1. There are no ATMs, banks, or any currency exchange offices in the park area. Ensure that you have enough cash in advance.
2. In the office of the Plesetsk sector of the Park (village Vershinino) and in the Visitor Centre of the Kargopolsky Park Sector (Morshchikhinskaya village), you can pay for the services received with a bank card.

1. Visit to the Park, as a rule, includes a variety of walking, water excursions, hiking, so clothes and shoes should be comfortable (sneakers, boots, trousers).
2. Northern summer is changeable, therefore, taking into account the weather forecasts, it will be helpful to take rubber boots, a raincoat, warm clothes.