Snowmobile trip to the Hard-to-reach Center of the Universe

Plestsk sector

On snowmobiles

50 km —6 hours



Vershinino village — Zekhnova village — Tyryshkino village — Gorbachikha village — Observation platform over the river Porzhenka — The Porzhensky Pogost (churchyard)- Vedyagino village — Vershinino village. 

The Porzhensky Pogost is beautiful at any time of the year! And if fate and the desire to relax and absorb new impressions brought you to the Kenozero National Park in winter, do not miss the opportunity to check it out. Visit the «Hard-to-reach Center of the Universe»! We invite you on a snowmobile trip from Vershinino village to the Porzhensky churchyard. The Park snowmobiles will be at your service with comfortable covered sleigh and a compulsory accompaniment by the state inspector. 

This snowmobile tour with a duration of 6 hours will not only be dynamic and romantic, but also very informative. On the route you will do «photostops» and bring home a collection of unique in their own way memorial photos — the cozy snow-covered village of Zekhnova, the snow-ice surface of lake Kenozero, the enigmatic Porzhenka and, of course, the fascinating Porzhensky churchyard. 

2500 rub. per person

For the trip along the route, the use of snowmobiles and the sled of the Park (for a group of 3-6 people) is guaranteed. When using personal transport, the state inspector must accompany you on the territory of the Park.

You can book a snowmobile trip by phone on +7-921-477-90-03 (Visit center in Vershinino village).

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