Snowmobile trip on the «Path of Ancestors»

Kargopol sector

On snowmobiles

15 km — 2 hours



Village Morschihinskaya (Visitor Center) — St. Nicholas Stone — Viewing platform — Information Center «Lesnoye otkhodnichestvo» («Forest seasonal work») — Monastic Island (monk’s cell) — Kopan — Sargozero — village Morschihinskaya (Visitor Center). 

Light frost, snow, sparkling on the branches of age-old pines, the air is so clear ... Why not take a trip in such wonderful weather? Even on snowmobiles! We invite you to travel on the «Trail of ancestors». What awaits you during this trip?

— The landscape of Lekshmozero wrapped in fluffy snow, moving beauty which you will appreciate fr om the observation tower.
— Unique chance to drive to Nikolin stone or leave your vow at Nikolin cross. Saint Nicholas is the most worshipped patron of all travelers in the area.
— Trip by the winter forest trails of ancient fishermen and hunters. And on the route — several «photostops», where you can make memorable pictures.
— Ice forest lakes — Naglimozero and Sargozero. The first one is called «Kenozero in miniature» for its bizarre outlines and abundance of inner islands.
— Visit to the Monastery Island — the largest island in Naglimozero lake. It was there that the Aglimozersaya pustyn’ (monastery) of the 17th century existed and a section of the ancient monk’s cell is preserved.
— «Winter Tea Party» — tasting of herbal teas with fresh home-made pies. All of these have been prepared by local women specially for you.
— Visit to the Information Centre «Forest seasonal work», wh ere you can learn about the life of fishermen, hunters and forestry men.
— A unique opportunity to get from lake Naglimozero to Sargozero via an artificial canal — «kopan» as locals say. In the XIX century, it was arranged by the hands of local fishermen on the site of a medieval settlement, along which the development of Lekshmozero went in the 15th-16th centuries.

We are waiting for you in Lekshmozero, take the «Trail of Ancestors» trip from January to March!

The cost of the excursion: 1200 r. per person

For this trip snowmobiles and sleds of the Park are provided for the use (group 3-6 people). When using transport, an escort by the state inspector is obligatory.

To order snowmobile ride, please call + 7-921-477-90-75 (Visitor centre in village Morschihinskaya)